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Marcelina was conceived during a ham fueled moment of passion over an Easter Holiday weekend in Eagle Pass, Texas. She spent her formative years in Dallas scaring her friends’ very conservative and very white parents by proclaiming that Jesus is black and God is a woman. At Bryn Mawr College she studied dance and anthropology. Shortly thereafter she received an MA from NYU in Performance Studies. Both her undergraduate and graduate work focused on the performance of identity and ethnicity. She then decided against a Ph.D. and moved to L.A. to become a cartoon. 


But cartoons are not real.  So she resigned herself to voice over and has since found a wonderful home in sketch comedy. Marcelina is constantly writing for and on stage with the all women of color sketch team The BAE*GENCY, The Pack Theater house sketch team Friendo, and the all Latinx sketch team Latinx Comedy Pachanga. 


Marcelina is also a visual artist who frequently makes elaborate props and costumes for sketch and theater. She recently completed a job as Art Director for an upcoming DreamWorks web series for tweens. 


Upcoming Shows!

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Things I've written, things I've been in, and things I've written and been in. 



Props, Costumes, Set Pieces, Puppets


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